Break Free From Narcissistic / Borderline Abuse

If you are a child of a narcissistic or borderline mother or father, chances are good that you grew up doing everything you could to be recognized, and to please them no matter what. No matter what you did or how hard you tried, you never seemed to feel like you were quite good enough. You tried to please them and now, you might still find yourself trying to do the same thing in adulthood, whether it is with your partner, your boss, your friends. But now, you are just so tired…

You’re Exhausted From Trying So Hard.

You are tired of taking the blame for things, being compared to others, tired of not being allowed to have feelings of your own. ​

You are tired of the manipulation and gaslighting

You are tired of walking on eggshells.

You are tired of all the arguing. Sometimes after arguing, you might even feel… kind of hungover.

You are tired of keeping your mouth shut to avoid conflict, of being the one who is always discounted and dismissed. ​

You are tired of feeling so alone. ​

Why can’t anyone understand?

You Are Not Alone

There are millions of other people out there who have narcissistic or borderline personality disordered parents who experience the same things you do.  

You want to love your parent, of course, you do, but after so much toxicity and emotional damage, this may be difficult.  In our culture, being angry with your mother or father- even just not liking your mother or father is taboo.  But after experiencing the narcissistic or borderline behavior of your parent, it is really quite normal and… it is okay.

Didn’t you just want to wake up one day and poof, know everything would be okay, that things would just go back to normal, if you just gave it one more chance?

You wish you had parents who loved you. You wish you didn’t feel so sad and isolated. You wish that your self-esteem was higher. 

If one more person says…

“Oh, your ( mother or father) is so wonderful. You’re so lucky to have him or her”.

Why can’t they see what is going on? Ugh, if they only knew….

You may be thinking “Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am making all of this up. Maybe I should be more patient, maybe I should just stop arguing”, 

No, it isn’t just you. You are not making this up. This is a real thing that so many others experience with their parent.

You want to feel seen, you want to be heard

You are meant to live a good life- to know what it means to have fun.

❤️  Wouldn’t it feel great to trust yourself?

❤️  Wouldn’t it feel great to have boundaries?

❤️  Wouldn’t it be great to be free of anxiety and depression-

         to feel free of the isolation you might feel?

❤️  Wouldn’t it feel great to have your opinion valued? 

❤️  To feel seen and heard? 

❤️  Wouldn’t it feel great to feel loved and considered?

This is the perfect opportunity to learn and understand more about what you have experienced with a cohort of people who are also struggling to understand the same things you are.

Here are some of the results of joining this group…

1: You will feel like you are part of a community of women who have been through the same thing you have.

2: You will be able to recognize common themes & and begin the journey to transformation through Self-discovery & healing.

3: You will experience self-confidence that comes from valuing yourself and from understanding how to handle the fallout from parental personality disorders and family drama that was created by narcissistic and borderline personality disorders and disengage from the trauma.

4: You will learn how to grieve the loss of the life you should have had and the parents you needed.

5: You will be able to evaluate relationships and make healthy choices while choosing friends and partners.